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14th June 2024 Headlines about China’s Illegal Strikes Spying and Cyber Attacks including Chinese Government accused of attempted kidnapping on New Zealand soil!

Headlines about China’s Illegal Strikes Spying and Cyber Attacks!

Canada’s third-largest party calls some lawmakers ‘traitors’ after report fingers China, India for foreign meddling

By Thomas Seal. ADVERTISEMENT. The leader of Canada’s third-largest national party said some of the country’s lawmakers were “traitors” who should be banned…

‘Thanks for the free rent’: Cheng Lei jokes about China detention in comedy debut

The journalist spent three years in prison but teams up with dissident Vicky Xu for gags about bad food, weight loss and giving Xi Jinping a hug.

Court allows cops to examine devices of Chinese ‘spy’

Investigators of the Philippine National Police can now examine the contents of the communication equipment and other gadgets seized from a Chinese man,…

Chinese Government accused of attempted kidnapping on New Zealand soil

Alleged state-sponsored attacks in NZ described as ‘the most violent and secretive side’ of Chinese Communist Party foreign interference.

The new front in China’s cyber campaign against America

THE ISLAND of Guam, a tiny American territory that lies more than 6,000km west of Hawaii, has long known that it would take a battering in any Sino-American…

Palau accuses China of cyber attacks and political influence in the Pacific region

Sun Lee. Palau has levelled serious allegations against China of cyberattacks, raising speculations about China’s efforts to increase its influence in the…

Lawmakers question Microsoft president over China ties, repeated breaches

Brad Smith defended the company at a time of growing concerns about whether the tech giant is sufficiently prioritizing security.

Chinese ‘Smishing Triad’ Group Targets Pakistanis with SMS Phishing

Cybersecurity firm Resecurity has uncovered a campaign run by the cybercriminal group Smishing Triad, targeting smartphone users in Pakistan.

New Cross-Platform Malware ‘Noodle RAT’ Targets Windows and Linux Systems

Noodle RAT, a cross-platform backdoor used by Chinese hackers for espionage and cybercrime, targets Windows and Linux systems since 2016.


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