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26th June 2024 Headlines About China’s Illegal Acting including China’s ax-wielding Coast Guard Tests Limits in South China Sea!

Headlines About China’s Aggression Illegal Acting The South China Sea!

Philippines warns of region-wide conflict over South China Sea reef dispute

The Philippine ambassador to Washington has warned that a conflict with China over a contested reef in the South China Sea could engulf countries across the…

South China Sea clash raises fears of full-blown conflict

Tensions between China and the Philippines are running high after a recent violent clash between Chinese coast guard personnel and Filipino troops in the…

China’s ax-wielding coast guard tests limits in South China Sea

China News: The latest clash in the South China Sea saw China’s coast guard using axes and knives, resulting in a Philippine sailor losing his thumb.

U.S. and Philippines seek to de-escalate after sea skirmish with China

Chinese coast guard vessels have become more aggressive in blocking access to the contested Second Thomas Shoal.

Manila gives mixed messages on South China Sea

After a Philippines official who chairs the national maritime council said the confrontation between the Philippines and China at China’s Ren’ai Jiao.

Philippines Vows to Protect South China Sea Rights Amid Tensions With Beijing

The Philippines has sent a diplomatic note to China and is eyeing a dialogue with Beijing soon following last week’s clash in the South China Sea,…

Filipino sailor recounts how thumb was torn off in South China Sea clash

A Philippine Navy sailor has recounted how he lost a thumb during the latest South China Sea clash with Beijing’s coastguard, when a Chinese vessel…

A deepening stand-off in the South China Sea

For years, China has asserted its claims over the South China Sea — a quest for control that is an affront to neighbours’ security, to global commerce and,…


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