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27th June 2024 Headlines about China’s Illegal Strikes Spying and Cyber Attacks including Republicans Warn of Chinese Control Over American Drone and Consumer Electronic Marketplace!

Headlines about China’s Illegal Strikes Spying and Cyber Attacks!

Map Shows Chinese Drone Spying on US and Allies

An advanced Chinese military spy drone flew an hourslong sortie in the East China Sea on Tuesday in a likely reconnaissance operation against the United…

Tech titans tighten security as Chinese espionage escalates

For years, foreign countries, primarily China, have operated espionage systems focusing on large technology companies. In response to the increasing…

Chinese scientists detect ‘spy balloon’ as small as F-35 on radar

Last year, US air defence struggled to see a balloon floating across the country. But China has a simpler detection method.

‘Rolling spy vans’? Canada weighs possible security threat of Chinese EVs

As China tries to position itself as a global leader in EVs, cybersecurity experts warn it could use these vehicles to collect sensitive information on…

TikTok boss can’t guarantee China doesn’t interfere with app or spy on users

TikTok’s chief executive failed to give assurances that China doesn’t interfere in the app or that its software can be used to spy on users as he faced…

Chinese Spy Plane Detected Flying Into Pacific

This photograph released by the Joint Staff of Japan’s Self-Defense Forces shows a Chinese navy Y-9 electronic intelligence gathering aircraft on March 27…

Republicans Warn of Chinese Control Over American Drone and Consumer Electronic Marketplace

Chinese control of the American drone and consumer electronic marketplace sets up the possibility the Communist government can enlist this network of…

Ransomware attacks are increasingly used as cover for espionage activities

Presenting spying activites as criminal ransomware attacks allows countries like China to deny their involvement, SentinelOne argues.

Chinese Espionage Group “ChamelGang” Uses Attacks for Disruption, Data Theft

ChamelGang is a persistent global cyberespionage group, targeting regions driven by strategic interests and technological competitiveness.

Biden administration to invest $20BILLION to replace Chinese cranes at shipping ports over fears of hacking and …

President Joe Biden’s administration is investing $20 billion to build ship-to-shore cranes in America in order to keep Chinese hackers from spying at U.S….

All about China’s War Game Exercise that Left the U.S. Air Force Worried

The US is concerned about growing cyber threats from China. The FBI Director has warned that there are multi-pronged threats against the US interest.

America’s drinking water is facing attack, with links back to China, Russia and Iran

Cyberattacks on the country’s water systems could damage infrastructure, disrupt the availability or flow of water, and alter chemical levels,…

Chinese hackers are increasingly deploying ransomware, researchers say

Chinese-linked cyberespionage campaigns are increasingly deploying ransomware as the final stage in operations to either make money, distract their…

US needs NATO-Style Defense Against China Hackers: Cyber Expert

As Chinese cyberattacks against governments and corporations multiply, one expert says companies require NATO-style collaboration to protect themselves.

Chinese and N. Korean Hackers Target Global Infrastructure with Ransomware

Threat actors with suspected ties to China and North Korea have been linked to ransomware and data encryption attacks targeting government and critical…

Edinburgh shelves Taiwan friendship deal over China sanctions fear

The council was considering a partnership with Kaohsiung but China and city businesses raised concerns.


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