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29th June 2024 Headlines about China oppressing its Muslims including Uyghur group wins appeal over UK investigation into ‘slave labour’ cotton!

Headlines about China oppressing its Muslims and the West helping the Chinese Muslims!

Uyghurs in China: The Most Heavily Jailed Group in the World

One third of China’s total prison inmates are Uyghurs and Turkic people.

NCA failure to investigate imports linked to forced Uyghur labour unlawful, court rules

Decision could result in retailers being prosecuted if they import goods made through forced labour, campaigners say.

Uyghur group wins appeal over UK investigation into ‘slave labour’ cotton

British authorities must reconsider whether to open an investigation into imports of cotton allegedly produced by slave labour in the Chinese region of…

Strengthening Efforts To End Uyghur Enslavement

The month of June marks two years since the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA) went into full effect. The groundbreaking law set a precedent for…

Shaoguan Massacre anniversary: Uyghur workers’ tragic loss and justice struggle

Stockholm [Sweden], June 27 (ANI): Tributes were solemnly paid today to the Uyghur workers who tragically lost their lives in the Shaoguan Massacre in…

NCA Must Reconsider Uyghur Chinese Cotton Probe

The U.K.’s National Crime Agency must reconsider its decision refusing to launch a broad investigation into imported cotton produced by the forced labor of…

Canada expresses concern about Xinjiang rights to local leaders

Canada’s ambassador to Beijing visited the region of Xinjiang last week and expressed concerns about human rights violations directly to local leaders,…

London: Court of Appeal rules UK retailers liable for importing Uyghur forced labour goods

The court’s ruling establishes that businesses can be prosecuted under the Proceeds of Crime Act if they import goods knowingly linked to criminal…

International rights group hits China for renaming Uyghur villages to suppress culture

An ethnic Uyghur demonstrator takes part in a protest against China near Chinese consulate in Istanbul, on October 1, 2023, China’s National Day.

Euro 2024 Tarnished by Sponsors’ Alleged Ties to Uyghur Forced Labor – Shia Waves

The beautiful game faces a growing ethical controversy as human rights activists slam UEFA, the governing body of European football, for partnering with…

UN members are considering action against China over its treatment of Uyghur Muslims, report says

The UN Human Rights Council members are deciding how, or if, they should respond to a report on human rights abuses against Uyghur Muslims in China.

China Using ‘Discriminatory Surveillance Technologies’ To Target Muslim Minorities, Tibetans: US Report

The US State Department has released a report on human trafficking, raising serious concerns about China’s treatment of ethnic and religious minorities.

UK political parties urged to recognise Uighur genocide if they win election

UK political parties have been urged to formally recognise that China’s Uighur (also known as Uyghur) ethnic minority group are being subject to a genocide…


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