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2nd July 2024 Headlines about China’s Illegal Strikes Spying and Cyber Attacks including Chinese national charged with operating ‘world’s largest botnet’ linked to billions in cybercrimes!

Headlines about China’s Illegal Strikes Spying and Cyber Attacks!

The Rise of Chinese Espionage: Threatening U.S. Security

The multifaceted espionage campaign by the Chinese Communist Party, aimed at siphoning off America’s military and technological secrets, underscores a stark…

China’s devastating power threatens two US military bases and experts demand Biden take action

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) casts an ominous shadow over the Indo-Pacific region – where the US is increasingly vulnerable to missile attacks…

Defence conference told ‘more than 1200 Chinese spies operating in Australia’

Defence Minister Richard Marles told the forum in Canberra the Pacific region was anxious about China’s military drills off Taiwan.

China’s ‘Velvet Ant’ hackers caught exploiting new zero-day in Cisco devices

The newly identified zero-day vulnerability was used in an April attack by the Beijing-linked hackers.

Chinese national charged with operating ‘world’s largest botnet’ linked to billions in cybercrimes

YunHe Wang, 35, was charged with creating a large network of hijacked computer devices used to conduct cyber attacks and fraud, prosecutors said.

Space Pioneer says part of rocket crashed in central China

Beijing Tianbing Technology Co said on Sunday that the first stage of its Tianlong-3 rocket under development had detached from its launch pad during a test…

Indonesia restores national data centre after cyber attack

The Ministry of Investment or Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) has assured that the issuance of business identification numbers (NIB) via the…

3 New State-Backed Gangs Target Govt Sectors with HEAT Attack Methods

Browser security firm Menlo Security’s latest report, “Global Cyber Gangs,” reveals three new nation-state campaigns using HEAT attack techniques.

China threatens ‘diehard’ Taiwan separatists with death penalty despite lack of jurisdiction

New guidelines from China court advocates severe punishment for those inciting succession.

US needs NATO-Style Defense Against China Hackers: Cyber Expert

As Chinese cyberattacks against governments and corporations multiply, one expert says companies require NATO-style collaboration to protect themselves.


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