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6th July 2024 Headlines About China’s Illegal Acting including China anchors ‘monster ship ‘in South China Sea, Philippines!

Headlines About China’s Aggression Illegal Acting The South China Sea!

China anchors ‘monster ship ‘in South China Sea, Philippine coast guard says

The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) said on Saturday that China’s largest coastguard vessel has anchored in Manila’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ) in the South…

China uses academia to assert South China Sea claims

To reinforce public opinion and influence perception in favour of what China believes are the country’s “correct” maritime limits, Beijing has been using…

Philippines Declines US Aid In South China Sea Operations

The Philippines has declined US offers of assistance in South China Sea operations, preferring to handle conflicts with China independently.

Most Filipinos want Beijing to follow rules-based order to resolve row: survey

The findings come as the Philippine military says it will adopt new measures against China’s aggression in the maritime dispute.

Philippines Slams Xi Jinping Army’s ‘Deliberate’ Aggression In South China Sea: ‘Aggressive And Illegal Use Of Force’

In a recent development, the Philippines has labeled the South China Sea incident from last week, where a Filipino soldier lost a finger, as a “deliberate…

Patterson: Peace through weakness a really bad idea | Anthem Independent

The warning signs can no longer be ignored. America’s future as a world power is fading. The emerging alliance of Russia, China, Iran and North Korea,…

PH strategy is working, China has blinked

ONE of the strategies by pro-China apologists and mouthpieces is to deploy the war card to quell any anti-China voices among us, including even that of…


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