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KPMG Is One Of The Companies Supporting Hong Kong’s “Sham” Patriots’ Election

The auditing business encourages employees to vote in a ‘sham’ legislative election.
KPMG is one of several major companies in Hong Kong encouraging employees to vote in what the government is calling a “patriots-only” election for the city’s legislature.
According to an internal email published by the Financial Times, the Big Four accounting firm has promised employees an extra day off if they exercise their “privilege to vote” in the Legislative Council elections on Sunday.
KPMG stated in an email that “Colleagues who have voted will be asked to complete a simple online application to indicate that they are eligible voters and have voted.”
Beijing feared a very low voter turnout compared to previous elections in Hong Kong and therefore spent millions on advertising for participation in the elections.
KPMG obviously felt obliged to support Beijing in this issue and therefore, in anticipatory obedience, encouraged its staff to participate in the election.
The election has been dubbed a fraud by many. 
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