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China’s incredible global theft of spied industry data

China gathers huge amounts of information all over the world and it is obvious that mostly this is done on the instructions and with the knowledge of the Chinese government. In fact, the  21st edition of the Pentagon’s China Military Power Report, dated November 3, 2021, included an entire section on China’s espionage. In 2020, the FBI  worked on one  China-related counterintelligence case every10 hour, demonstrating China’s extensive efforts to thieve confidential information and materials. There were about 5,000 active counterespionage cases on the FBI’s books, nearly half of which were related to China in 2020. Surprisingly, economic spy cases related to China have gone by 1,300% over the last decade.
For example  Xu Yanjun, a Chinese intelligence officer was condemned for his plotting to rob aviation companies of their secrets. Alan Kohler, FBI Assistant Director, cautioned and addressed the issue: “For those who doubt the real goals of [China], this should be a wake-up call. They are stealing technology to benefit their economy and military. “

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