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After attacking Fake US Warship China Now shoots at Replicas of F-35 Fighter Jets

The Chinese military has targets in the shape of a US navy ship and other vessels at a firing range in Xinjiang. 

Experts say China has manufactured mock-ups of US F-35 warplanes at a remote shooting range, implying that it is making strides in an attempt to dissuade US and Japanese from engaging with the Taiwan issue. 

According to the newest issue of the monthly military press Kanwa International Journal, the latest satellite imagery revealed at least four mock-ups of F-35 Lightning II jets at the People’s Liberation Army Rocket Force’s Korla Shooting Range in Xinjiang. 

The replicas, created to size, might serve as targets for the rocket force’s DF-16 and DF-21C medium-range ballistic missiles, and hence a message to US Air Force facilities in Japan.

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https://www.scmp.com/news/china/military/article/3155738/first-fake-us-aircraft-carrier-and-now-china-has-models-f-35?module=perpetual_scroll&pgtype=article&campaign=3155738China /  Military


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