Xi Jinping Sharply Opposes Any Sanctions Against Russia


Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke virtually on March 8 with French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.
He criticized sweeping sanctions against Russia and urged
“Maximum restraint in Ukraine to avoid a humanitarian crisis“.
Xi Jinping’s response clearly shows the following:
Apparently, Xi Jinping does not consider the flight of millions of people, the bombing of civilian facilities by Russian planes, the killing of civilians and children by the Russian military as a humanitarian crisis.
China fully supports the Russian invasion regardless of the atrocities committed by the Russian military and the blatant violation of international law.

Perhaps also interesting:
Chinese tweets regarding the Russia Ukraine war

And like always the hint:
Many  Chinese people are great, Xi Jinping and his admirers are not.
Yours sincerely
RMJ Reinhard Markert Journalist