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China threatens Canadian citizens of Chinese descent in Canada!

13 April 2022
Own Staff
A Canadian government investigation accuses Beijing of conducting a “systematic campaign of intelligence-gathering, persuasion, influence, and manipulation” against the Chinese population in Canada via its Overseas Chinese Affairs Office (OCAO).
China has been widely accused of targeting the diaspora, particularly pro-Taiwan and democracy activists, as well as Uyghurs and Falun Gong practitioners.

The report was disclosed during a recent court case involving a former Overseas Chinese Affairs Office (OCAO) employee who attempted to immigrate to Canada and shows, that the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, was entrusted with “influencing or manipulating” community members and utilizing “coercive techniques” against dissidents and minorities.

Below are some excerpts from the report that prove how far the long arm of communist China reaches.

“The OCAO is involved in covert action and coercion against OC communities and other minorities around the world by targeting Chinese dissidents overseas, and engaging in intelligence gathering on OC and their activities.”

“The OCAO works to undermine individuals identified as threats to the CPC (Communist Party of China), and it organizes and monitors ‘overseas Chinese business, student, cultural, media, and political networks.’”
“This involves intimidation of OC (Overseas Chinese) at every level of society.”

OCAO “focuses on the elimination of threats to the regime, such as those promoting Taiwan’s independence. Similarly, OCAO is known to coordinate anti-Falun Gong efforts overseas.” 

OCAO “identifies enemies of the PRC, monitors diaspora, manipulates organizations, and is involved in covert intelligence gathering. The OCAO is focused on the elimination of threats to the regime and it seeks to undermine those threats in the countries in which it operates.“

These lines should be a warning to all those who indirectly support communist China by buying Chinese products or investing in China.


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