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Concerns over the China threat have prompted Japan to consider a military agreement with the Philippines

Amid increasing military activities by China in the Indo-Pacific region, Japan is set to open discussions for a new security pact with the Philippines, with the objective of bolstering defense cooperation and enabling joint military drills.

Japanese Prime Minister Kishida is scheduled to hold talks with Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr., where they are expected to deliberate on the initiation of negotiations for a “reciprocal access agreement.”

The purpose of this agreement is to streamline the procedures for Japan’s Self-Defense Forces and the Philippine military to deploy troops and equipment in each other’s territories.

The implementation of such an agreement would facilitate the coordination of joint military exercises.

If these negotiations prove successful, the Philippines would become the third country to establish such an agreement with Japan. Tokyo already maintains reciprocal access agreements with the UK and Australia, both of which are considered quasi-allies.

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