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Houthis use Chinese drones to attack merchant ships in the Red Sea

This week, a prominent Chinese military blogger known as “Korolev,” with over 6 million followers on Weibo, sparked a heated debate by suggesting that the Houthi movement might be utilizing Chinese missile technology. The Houthis, operating from Yemen, have launched anti-ship ballistic missiles into the Red Sea, targeting crowded international shipping lanes crucial for cargo transportation between major European and Asian ports. The group justifies these actions as a response to Israel’s ongoing military operations against Hamas. Engaged in a prolonged conflict with Yemen’s Sunni-majority government, the Houthis receive support from Iran, a regional ally, in the form of weapons, contributing to the broader proxy conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia. In a recent post, Korolev highlighted the Chinese origin of the anti-ship weapon employed by the Houthis, suggesting that it may have originated from Chinese technology shared with Iran in the past.



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