On Wednesday evening, the 15 11, 2023, at a San Francisco hotel, Chinese President Xi Jinping conveyed a message to the US business community: China is a significant market and a friendly partner. Xi addressed an audience of approximately 300 people, stating, “China is not only a super-large economy but also a super-large market… The modernization of 1.4 billion Chinese presents a tremendous opportunity that China extends to the world.” And the submissive American business leaders jumped up enthusiastically and gave thunderous applause to Xi, to the man who despises the USA, imprisoned almost 2 million people in concentration camps, let disappear critics, has dissidents persecuted abroad and even let kidnap them! These slimy business leaders had, at this moment, trampled on their fatherland, the USA. A San Francisco tech leader who attended the event anonymously mentioned, “If you go through the list of the top 20 US companies in China, they were all there.”