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Wednesday Headlines about China’s Bullying Aggression Imprisonments 1st May 2024!

These are the most interesting headlines of today and yesterday!

Kyodo News+ | Japan’s leading news agency.

China uses water cannons on Philippine ships in South China Sea

Three Chinese coast guard vessels fires water cannons at two Philippine government ships near the Scarborough Shoal in the South China Sea, the Philippine…

‘We are re-strategising’: Philippines rethinks its South China Sea game plan

Manila’s defence chief said the Philippines has a ‘range of options’ to counter China, signalling that he wants maritime operations to be ‘less…

Sky News witnesses confrontation in disputed South China Sea

Sky’s Asia correspondent Cordelia Lynch was reporting on a Philippine Coastguard vessel when a Chinese vessel used a water cannon against the boat.

Press Freedom, Human Freedom

320 journalists around the world were detained in 2023, and by year’s end more than 300 were imprisoned. Thomas Jefferson once wrote, “Our liberty depends…

EU To Ban Goods Produced Using Forced Labour In Move Targeted Mainly At China, Turkmenistan

The European Parliament in its recent sessions gave its final approval to halt the sale, import, and

US Navy sailor given 27 months in jail for sharing military data with China

(Reuters) -A U.S. Navy sailor was sentenced to 27 months in jail on Monday for accepting nearly $15,000 in bribes from a Chinese intelligence officer in…

Minister confirms spy agency knew China-backed cyberattack targeted former MPs

The Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) knew former New Zealand MPs and an academic were targeted in a China-backed cyberattack,…

Biden directs spy agencies to share more intelligence with private sector over China, Russia threats

President Biden is directing U.S. spy agencies to more proactively share intelligence with the private companies handling critical American infrastructure,…

China Has Emerged As The Prime Colonizer Of Our Generation

China’s Espionage Operation March 11 was a milestone for India. On that day, India’s Defense Research & Development Organization tested its new domestically…

Chinese espionage and neo-colonization

If you think China’s illegal incursions on sovereign exclusive economic zones happens only in the Philippines, then you are wrong.

Former MPs Louisa Wall, Simon O’Connor claim to be targets of China-backed cyber attack

The spy agencies are being questioned after two former MPs claim they were never informed they were victims of a China-backed cyber-attack.

CCIA releases report ‘US Threats and Sabotage to the Security and Development of Global Cyberspace’

The internet is a shared home for mankind. In order to maintain its global hegemony, the United States has abused…

Former MP Simon O’Connor claims to be among those targeted in China-sponsored hack

A former National MP has revealed details of being targeted by Chinese state-sponsored hackers in 2021. Simon O’Connor and former Labour MP Louisa Wall cla.

House says it didn’t alert MPs targeted in Chinese hack because there was ‘no cybersecurity impact’

Members of Parliament targeted in a suspected China-backed espionage campaign weren’t informed because the attack was thwarted and didn’t affect them,…

Uyghur spy turns to religion and lands in Xinjiang prison

A Uyghur official who spied on fellow Uyghurs in Xinjiang is serving a seven-year prison sentence on the charge of religious extremism after he was moved by…

I Couldnt Remain Silent: Son Fights for Uyghur Journalists Release from Chinese Prison

TAIPEI, Taiwan, Apr 30 (IPS) – This is the first in a series of articles on World Press Freedom Day, which the UN will commemorate on May 3.

Uyghur Butcher Freed After Seven Years Behind Bars for Discouraging Alcohol and Smoking

On April 11, a Uyghur butcher was released from prison after serving seven years in Xinjiang for discouraging friends from consuming alcohol and smoking,


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