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3rd May 2024 Friday Headlines about China’s Bullying Aggression Imprisonments and more!

These are the most interesting headlines of today and yesterday!

The National Interest

China Wants to Conquer the South China Sea

China’s aggressive claims over the South China Sea, including areas like the Second Thomas Shoal, are part of a broader strategy to secure regional…

Yahoo News Canada

Damage, injury to Philippines in Sth China Sea is ‘irresponsible behaviour’, says US Defense Secretary

HONOLULU (Reuters) -The injuring of Filipino crew and damage to Philippine vessels in the South China Sea is “irresponsible behaviour and disregards…

Damage, injury to Philippines in Sth China Sea is ‘irresponsible behaviour’, says US Defense Secretary

HONOLULU (Reuters) -The injuring of Filipino crew and damage to Philippine vessels in the South China Sea is “irresponsible behaviour and disregards…

The Diplomat :: Asia

Philippines Again Accuses China of Inflaming Maritime Tensions

Earlier this week, two Philippine vessels were damaged in the latest confrontation with China Coast Guard patrol boats in the South China Sea.


Damage, injury to Philippines in South China Sea is ‘irresponsible behaviour’, says US defence minister

The injuring of Filipino crew and damage to Philippine vessels in the South China Sea is irresponsible behaviour and disregards international law,…

Water cannons, the Philippines, and the South China Sea

It’s a familiar scene in the South China Sea: a confrontation between the Chinese coast guard and vessels from the Philippines. But why?

Straight Arrow News

Water cannons, the Philippines, and the South China Sea

It’s a familiar scene in the South China Sea: a confrontation between the Chinese coast guard and vessels from the Philippines. But why?

Global Times

Hyping ‘fatal’ attacks is a political show by the PCG to smear China

On Wednesday, the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) held a press conference, condemning.


Philippines summons Chinese diplomat over water cannon attack in South China Sea

The Philippines summoned a Chinese Embassy official to protest the “harassment of Philippine vessels” as tensions flare up in the South China Sea.

Washington Post

U.S. officials wary of Chinese plans for floating nuclear plants

Officials fear reactors will be used to power military bases on artificial islands in the South China Sea.

Times of India

Protesters Setup ‘Palestine Liberation Zone’ Inside UT Dallas Campus, Riot Police Detain 17

Massive pro-Palestine protest now gripped another university in the United States. After Columbia University Campus siege, protesters set up Palestine…

South China Morning Post

California police flatten pro-Palestinian camp at UCLA, arrest protesters

The predawn police crackdown at UCLA marked the latest flashpoint for mounting tensions on US college campuses, where protests over Israel’s conduct of the…

TVC News

Turkish police detain over 200 after clash with May Day protesters in Istanbul – Trending News

Turkish police have detained over 200 people after firing tear gas and rubber bullets to prevent demonstrators from reaching Taksim Square,…

Live Action

Congressional witnesses claim China is sequencing DNA for forced organ harvesting

Experts testified that China does mandatory blood draws for DNA in Xinjiang and Tibet, and 25k+ Uyghurs undergo forced organ harvests yearly.

TVC News

Bilateral relations: Japan promises deeper economic cooperation with Nigeria – Trending News

Nigeria and Japan have agreed to further strengthen their economic cooperation Strategies to achieve this was the focus of a meeting between Nigeria’s…

NBC News

In Ukraine war, China is helping tilt momentum in Russia’s favor, top U.S. spy says

China’s assistance has helped Russia shore up its military, Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines told senators Thursday.

Chinese satellites shake up US hegemony in precision targeting

In military circles, the U.S. has traditionally held a decisive advantage over China with the ability to engage mobile targets from great distances.


‘Vague and broad’: China’s revised state secrets law sparks concerns from Taiwan and foreign businesses

SINGAPORE: China’s revised state secrets law has come into force, a move that has drawn concern over the potential risks of doing business in the country…

May Day holiday box office surges

Possessing the largest number of silver screens worldwide, China has again demonstrated its enthusiasm for movies with a soaring May Day holiday box office.

Nikkei Asia

U.S. sanctions China, Hong Kong entities for Russia links: What we know

HONG KONG — The latest U.S. government sanctions issued Thursday, Asia time, included about 20 companies from China and Hong Kong that have allegedly.

EurAsian Times

After Chinese Spy Ship, Now Turkish Warship To Dock In India’s Backyard In Maldives; Comes After TB2 Deal

After signing a multi-million-dollar deal with Turkey to purchase military drones to patrol the high seas, the island nation of Maldives is hosting the…


Ukraine war not likely to end anytime soon, says top US spy

Russian President Vladimir Putin sees domestic and international developments trending in his favor and likely will press on with aggressive tactics in…

The Source

Half of American Adults Support Ban on TikTok, 46% Believe China Using it to Spy on United States

A recent poll by Reuters/Ipsos reveals a divided sentiment among U.S. adults regarding the potential ban of TikTok. How surprising. Sarcasm.

‘Spy x Family Code: White’ captivates Chinese anime fans

Chinese anime fans eagerly flocked to theaters for ‘Spy x Family Code: White,’ one of Japan’s top-grossing films of the year, which opened across mainland…

Yahoo Lifestyle Canada

Fact check: False claim Biden asked Chinese president for permission to down spy balloon

A White House spokesperson told USA TODAY there’s no truth to the claim Biden asked permission from China’s president before the U.S. shot the balloon.

The Register

Chinese government website security is often worryingly bad, say Chinese researchers

Exclusive Five Chinese researchers examined the configurations of nearly 14,000 government websites across the country and found worrying lapses that could…


Winston Peters calls out China’s cyber-attacks during speech

Foreign Minister Winston Peters is calling out China for its “deeply concerning” and “completely unacceptable” cyber-attacks on New Zealand.

Acceleration Economy

Satya Nadella: Why No Mention of China Cybersecurity Disaster?

Microsoft fails to address a serious cybersecurity breach in China during its earnings call. More transparency is needed.

CTV News

MP Garnett Genuis: China hack targeted his personal email

A Conservative MP is challenging claims by House of Commons administration that a China-backed hacking attempt did not impact any members of Parliament,…

Yahoo Lifestyle Canada

Australia sees China as main suspect in state-based cyberattacks, sources say

By Colin Packham. SYDNEY (Reuters) – Australia views China as the chief suspect in a spate of cyber-attacks of increasing frequency in recent months,…


Intel officials warn about Russia and China plans for cyberattacks on US infrastructure

Top intelligence officials briefed a Senate panel Thursday on what they assess to be the biggest threats to the United States.


ArcaneDoor Hackers Who Exploited Cisco Firewall Zero-Days Linked To China

Hackers target Cisco Firewalls due to their widespread use and the potential to exploit vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized access, steal.

NZ Herald

Spy agency watchdog assessing GCSB’s response to China group’s hack of former MPs

New Zealand ‘s spy agency watchdog is assessing whether to launch an inquiry into how the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) knew former MPs.


Phishing Alert: Chinese Cybercriminals Target Indian Investors with Fake Brokerage Apps

Zerodha CEO warns of new phishing scams mimicking brokerages. Learn how to protect your investments from these sophisticated cyber threats.


South Korea raises terror alert over North Korea threat

South Korea’s government raised the terrorism alert level for five diplomatic missions in Southeast Asia, China and Russia from “attention” to “alert”…


Taiwan To Install New President On May 20, Chinese Military Drills Anticipated

Taiwan’s leading security official warned on Wednesday that the island is preparing for potential military exercises by China.

Expert: China an economic foe, not military threat

Trucks carrying nuclear missiles designed to evade U.S. defenses rolled through Beijing as China’s Communist Party marked 70 years in power.

The Economic Times

China, Pakistan ISI behind bomb threat to 200 Delhi schools?

Schools in Delhi-NCR faced a bomb scare as over 200 institutions received threatening emails, prompting a large-scale response from authorities and causing…

South China Morning Post


More India stories: Thousands of students in the Indian capital New Delhi were evacuated on May 1, 2024, after nearly 100 schools in…

Fox News

Dem senator leads bipartisan effort to strengthen Taiwan supply chain amid China threat

Sen. Jacky Rosen led a bipartisan group of senators to introduce a bill that would evaluate Taiwan’s resilience and strengthen the island’s supply chain…

Mirage News

2024 Summit Highlights: Modern Conflict and Emerging Threats

As we look at the future of protecting our democracy, the exchange of ideas will fuel collaborative work among governments, academia and private.

Pearls and Irritations

China studies in crisis: Time for change

At a time when China is becoming increasingly more important to the Australian economy as well as to our stability and security in the Asia-Pacific,…

Fox Business

China, TikTok role in anti-Israel college protests is ‘an act of war,’ expert says

Gatestone Institute senior fellow Gordon Chang compares the 2020 riots to what’s taking place on U.S. college campuses as a popular app plays a significant…


Delhi bomb threat: Police say clues hint at `big conspiracy`; probing China, ISI links

A day after over 100 schools in Delhi-NCR received bomb threats which turned out to be hoaxes, a barrage of messages claiming suspicious objects were…


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