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11th May 2024 Headlines about China’s Aggression and the South China Sea!

The most interesting headlines of today and before about China’s Aggression and the South China Sea!


SOUTH CHINA SEA – On 10 May, USS Halsey (DDG 97) asserted navigational rights and freedoms in the South China Sea near the Paracel Islands, consistent with…

Philippines wants Chinese diplomats expelled amid South China Sea row

MANILA — The Philippines’ national security adviser is calling for the expulsion of Chinese diplomats over an alleged leak of a phone conversation wi.

China’s military confronts US ship in South China Sea

The US Navy said a destroyer, the USS Halsey, was exercising navigational rights near the Paracel Islands. The archipelago lies in the South China Sea,…

South China Sea: Why Are China and Philippines Tensions Heating Up?

MANILA, May 10 (Reuters) – An escalating diplomatic row and recent maritime run-ins between China and the Philippines have made the highly strategic South…

Gravitas | South China Sea: China accuses US Navy of violating its sovereignty

The Chinese military said it “tracked, warned and expelled” an US missile destroyer from the waters around the disputed Paracel Islands on Friday.

In the South China Sea and Taiwan, Xi has begun to invade

And so to the South China Sea, where China is behaving in an increasingly belligerent manner and with a clear disregard for the conventions and rules of the…

Beijing’s reckless confrontations risk war, warns US

The most important characteristic of the time is chaos. And this trend appears likely to continue. The times and trends are on our side.”

Major takeaways from US, Japan, South Korea summit

The leaders issued a sharply worded joint statement about Beijing’s actions in the South China Sea, where China has claimed territory that according to…

It’s time for Australia to give China the flick

Chinese government gives Australia a masterclass in ‘gaslighting’. Shadow Defence Minister Andrew Hastie has urged Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to pick…


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