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12th May 2024 Headlines about China’s Spying and Cyber Attacks including China´s spying at Scottish universities and harassing dissidents abroad!

Interesting headlines of today and before about China’s Spying and Cyber Attacks!

China is still harassing dissidents who fled in the 1990s

Yan Xiong escaped from China in 1992, but he and other dissidents are still being targeted by Beijing.

What we know about the Chinese espionage operation targeting French lawmakers

In January 2021, several elected representatives received emails sent by APT31, a hacker group suspected of being controlled by Beijing.

Unravelling of Chinese spies’ dirty work in Europe

Those who have closely watched activities of China’s intelligence agents, say their key focus remains in acquiring information related to internal security,…

China ‘using scholarship schemes to plant spies’

China is using scholarship programmes to plant spies in western universities and suppress criticism of its regime on campuses, academics and activists have…

Taxpayers ‘helping to bankroll Chinese spy network’ at Scottish universities

China is using a scholarship scheme bankrolled by Scottish taxpayers to monitor and intimidate critics of the communist government, it has been claimed.

Phishing Alert: Chinese Cybercriminals Target Indian Investors with Fake Brokerage Apps

Zerodha CEO warns of new phishing scams mimicking brokerages. Learn how to protect your investments from these sophisticated cyber threats.

MoD data breach: China suspected of hacking UK armed forces payroll

The government suspects China was behind the hack of an armed forces payroll system, the BBC understands. Defence Secretary Grant Shapps. Get info without

Two Britons to face trial next year accused of spying for China

LONDON (Reuters) – Two Britons, including a former researcher for a prominent British lawmaker in the governing Conservative Party, were told on Friday they…

Is There Still ‘Mutual Respect’ If China Allegedly Hacked The UK Ministry of Defence?

A massive hacking attack on the British military, suspected to be orchestrated by China, has affected approximately 270,000 serving personnel,…


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