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Chinese spy network at Scottish universities paid by Scottish taxpayers!

China allegedly utilizes a scholarship program funded by Scottish taxpayers to surveil and coerce critics of the communist regime, according to claims made.

Calls have been made for universities to terminate partnerships deemed to be deeply integrated into Chinese propaganda and statecraft.

At a Scottish Parliament event, an example was cited involving St Andrews University, which purportedly spends approximately £1.6 million annually subsidizing students on placements arranged as part of an agreement with the Chinese Scholarship Council.

Allegations suggest that Chinese students attending Scottish and UK universities under this scholarship program are compelled to report any dissent against Chinese authorities by fellow students or staff, particularly those with ties to China, Tibet, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, lest they face deportation or repercussions for their families.

Robert Clark, a senior researcher at the Civitas think tank, released a report in November revealing that UK universities received between £122 million and £156 million from Chinese sources between 2017 and 2022/23, with a portion of it, up to £30 million, originating from entities sanctioned by the US.

Edinburgh University reportedly had the fifth highest percentage of Chinese funding associated with the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), at 96 percent.

During a panel discussion at the Scottish Parliament, Mr. Clark asserted that the Chinese Scholarship Council was a fundamental component of CCP (Chinese Communist Party) propaganda and statecraft, posing a direct threat to academic freedoms on British and Scottish campuses.

He further highlighted that these placements, often for PhD students, were heavily subsidized, with China covering only living expenses, while universities, partially funded by taxpayers, handle tuition fees and research expenses.

Mr Clark said: “There are enormous stipulations placed on Chinese students. They do have to report all incidences of criticism of the CCP, of Chinese officials and Chinese foreign policy.

“For example, there were instances where Chinese students on these scholarship councils weren’t reporting, and they were sent immediately back to China for sort of punishment by the regime.

“They hold their family to account as well. So if they come to the UK on scholarship councils, universities subsidise the fees – like I say St Andrews’ subsidise about £1.6m – now their family are held to account.

“So if that student sort of wades off track, off official CCP narrative, whilst they are at university, attending Hong Kong demonstrations or not speaking out against criticism of the CCP, their family are directly held to account back in China.

One student at a Scottish university, originally from Hong Kong, told the panel he was “worried” about the use of Chinese-made surveillance cameras at the university.

Dr Sarah Liu, a senior lecturer in gender and politics at Edinburgh University, teaches a Chinese politics course.

She said: “Students have filed complaints against me. They have threatened to report me to the Chinese Embassy. So the threat is real.”

This is a paraphrased excerpt from “THE SCOTSMAN”.

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