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14th May 2024 Headlines About China’s Aggression Illegal Acting The South China Sea!

Headlines About China’s Aggression Illegal Acting The South China Sea!

Philippines to Take Steps to Prevent Chinese Reclamation in South China Sea

Over the weekend, Manila accused Beijing of attempting to create an “artificial island” at Sabina Shoal, an unoccupied reef 75 nautical miles from Palawan…

Far away from South China Sea, navies of US and Taiwan held stealthy Pacific drills in April

China often opposes any military cooperation between US and Taiwan resulting in both Washington and Taipei preferring to keep most joint military activities…

Philippines probes alleged Chinese disinformation campaign over South China Sea

Manila also says Chinese diplomats illegally recorded a phone conversation with a Philippine military commander.

FORUM Staff A mobile radar system delivered to the Philippines by Japan in April 2024 will strengthen Manila’s domain awareness as tensions simmer wit.

New Report Sheds Light on People’s Liberation Army’s Role in Escalating

In recent years, China’s military modernization and assertive actions have led to more frequent and dangerous encounters between the People’s Liberation…

Philippines will block China reclamation at disputed shoal, official says

MANILA (Reuters) — The Philippine Coast Guard or PCG is committed to sustaining a presence in a disputed area of the South China Sea to ensure China does…

Amid CCP Aggression, Lawmakers Urge D.C. To Adopt Taipei as Sister City

Amid Chinese efforts to isolate Taiwan on the international stage, a group of lawmakers in Congress are urging the Washington, D.C., government to adopt…

Poland urges China to pressure Russia to end war in Ukraine

WARSAW (Reuters) -Poland called on China to exert pressure on Russia to end its war in Ukraine during a meeting between two top officials in Warsaw,…


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