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16th May 2024 Headlines about China’s Illegal Strikes Spying and Cyber Attacks including Inside the Ring: Chinese defector reveals Beijing spy secrets!

Headlines about China’s Illegal Strikes Spying and Cyber Attacks!

How the West has struggled to keep up with China’s spy threat

For years, Western spy agencies have talked of a need to pivot to focus on China. This week, the head of the UK’s GCHQ intelligence agency described it as…

U.K. spy case fuels calls for closure of Hong Kong trade offices

LONDON/NEW YORK — “Shut down the ETOs!” chanted protesters in front of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in central London on Tuesday, a day af.

Mystery in the Alps: A Chinese Family, a Swiss Inn and the World’s Most Expensive Weapon

Switzerland agreed to buy F-35 jet fighters to park on a remote runway. Then the U.S. zeroed in on the Wangs, who owned the rustic hotel next door.

Chinese Spy Malware Found in European Shipping Companies’ Systems

A prominent cybersecurity consultancy has spotted signs of Chinese hacking intrusions in the European cargo shipping industry, the latest in a series…

Ex-Army sergeant accused of attempting to spy for China judged mentally unfit to stand trial

A former Army intelligence sergeant at Joint Base Lewis-McChord charged with trying to sell secrets to the Chinese has been judged unfit to stand trial,…

Inside the Ring: Chinese defector reveals Beijing spy secrets

A former spy who worked for China’s secret political police has defected to Australia and recently went public with details about Beijing’s intelligence…

China’s enigmatic stealth warship ventures on unknown trials

A brand-new Chinese corvette or light frigate has reportedly embarked on its maiden voyage. The vessel’s design shares some broad similarities with Sweden’s…

China hacked Ministry of Defence, Sky News learns

The Chinese state has hacked the Ministry of Defence, Sky News understands. MPs will be told today of a massive data breach involving the MoD,…

Chinese hackers ‘plant malware’ on Greek and Norwegian cargo ships

A hacking group linked to China has been introducing malware into the computer systems of cargo vessels, a cyber security firm has claimed.

Hstoday U.S. Officials Confront China Over Volt Typhoon Cyberattacks – HS Today

U.S. government officials appear to have directly accused the Chinese government about its role in supporting cyberattacks against the former’s networks.

China poses ‘genuine and increasing’ cyber risk to UK, GCHQ boss warns

British spooks have slammed the ‘irresponsible actions’ of Chinese state-backed cyber hackers, claiming they ‘weaken the security of the internet for all’.


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