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20th May 2024 Headlines about China’s Illegal Strikes Spying and Cyber Attacks including US Officials Warn Of Chinese Interference With Undersea Internet Cables In Pacific!

Headlines about China’s Illegal Strikes Spying and Cyber Attacks!

‘Mystery at a Swiss hotel: A US-China spy thriller in the Alps’

Europe News: NEW DELHI: The global contest between Beijing and Washington over military secrets is spilling into new and far-flung places, with a remote…

Tsai Ing-wen: The president who reset Taiwan’s relationship with China

Taiwan’s outgoing president says boosting her country’s military was the only way to defy China’s threat.

Philippine Town Mayor Accused Of Being A Chinese Spy: ”No One Knows Where She Came From”

During a Senate hearing, the 35-year-old mayor failed to provide details about her early life and background, fuelling suspicions about her nationality.

Britain’s Shapps says stronger China-Russia ties threaten democracy

British defense minister Grant Shapps said on Sunday he was very concerned about a recent strengthening of diplomatic relations between China’s Xi Jinping.

Chinese agents highly active in democratic Taiwan, dissidents say

On Jan. 13, 2023, Guangdong dissident Xiao Yuhui crossed the 10-kilometer (6-mile) stretch of water from China to Kinmen, a small island that is still…

Cameron’s ‘golden era’ of UK-China ties was pathetic, says ex-Hong Kong governor

The “golden era” of UK-China relations under then-prime minister David Cameron. Get info without leaving the page. was “absolutely pathetic”, the last…

Possible Espionage Threat? US Officials Warn Of Chinese Interference With Undersea Internet Cables In Pac

U.S. authorities have privately alerted telecom companies about the potential susceptibility of undersea internet cables in the Pacific Ocean to meddling by…

Minister insists UK vigilant on cybersecurity after China blamed for hack against armed forces personnel

Initial investigations have not shown any data was taken, but affected personnel are being alerted and given support.

The battlegrounds that could decide a US-China war over Taiwan

Five key military contests are likely to determine the outcome of a conflict.

China hacked Ministry of Defence, Sky News learns

The Chinese state has hacked the Ministry of Defence, Sky News understands. MPs will be told today of a massive data breach involving the MoD,…

Chinese Nationals Arrested for Laundering $73 Million in Pig Butchering Crypto Scam

Two Chinese nationals arrested in the U.S. for allegedly orchestrating a massive pig butchering scam that laundered $73 million from victims.

Washington Journal: Dmitri Alperovitch Discusses His Book “World on the Brink”

Dmitri Alperovitch talked about his book, [World on the Brink: How America Can Beat China in the Race for the Twenty-First Century].

Defense contractors face a long road on cybersecurity, NSA official says

Most defense contractors believe they’re too small and inconsequential for nation-state hackers to target them, a National Security Agency official told…

Taiwan is preparing for war – we KNOW China is plotting surprise attack and learning from Putin, foreign m…

CHINA is planning a “surprise attack” on Taiwan, the island’s foreign minister has warned.Joseph Wu said Taiwan is stockpiling weapons for a war as Ch.


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