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Mike Pompeo: Time has come for the US to ‘recognize Taiwan’!

The US should “recognize Taiwan as a sovereign and independent country,” former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stated during a speech at an event hosted by the Formosa Republican Association in Taipei on May 21.

Pompeo made these remarks at the launch ceremony for the Chinese-language edition of his autobiography, Never Give an Inch.

“Recognizing Taiwan as a sovereign and free nation reflects reality,” he said.

Pompeo criticized Chinese President Xi Jinping’s Anti-Secession Law and rhetoric about the “reunification” of Taiwan as “propaganda.”

Recounting his previous visit to Taiwan during the COVID-19 pandemic, Pompeo expressed admiration for the passion and resilience of the Taiwanese people and praised the nation’s competent government for maintaining a strong democracy.

He noted that Taiwan is at a significant juncture as it conducts a peaceful transfer of power following a democratic election.

Pompeo emphasized that the US provision of self-defense capabilities to Taiwan is mandated by the Taiwan Relations Act, which outlines a legal and moral duty to protect democracy.

He highlighted Taiwan’s strategic position as a gateway between the Pacific Ocean and the South China Sea, noting that its control by China would significantly alter the balance of power in the Indo-Pacific region.

Pompeo concluded that defending Taiwan is crucial not just for territorial protection but for maintaining global security, peace, and prosperity, as its fall could escalate tensions and lead to conflict.


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