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23rd May 2024 Headlines about China’s Illegal Strikes Spying and Cyber Attacks including China´s New APT Group “Unfading Sea Haze” Hits Military Targets in South China Sea!

Headlines about China’s Illegal Strikes Spying and Cyber Attacks!

Spies, trade and tech: China’s relationship with Britain

WHEN JOHN Le Carré joined MI5, Britain’s domestic security service, in the 1950s, long before finding fame as a spy novelist, his first job was not hunting…

The Record from Recorded Future News

Chinese hackers compromising military and gov’t entities around South China Sea, report finds

Over five years, hackers believed to be linked to the Chinese government compromised at least eight entities in the region, researchers said.

UK | Mysterious death of a spy in London: Matthew Trickett found dead in a park in Maidenhead

Matthew Trickett, 37, who was allegedly charged with spying for China died under ‘unexplained’ circumstances, and a police investigation is ongoing.

Chinese-linked hacking units increasingly use ‘ORBs’ to obfuscate espionage, researchers say

Scores of purchased or compromised devices used in “operational relay box networks” make detection and defense harder.

China APT Stole Geopolitical Secrets From Middle East, Africa & Asia

One of China’s biggest espionage operations owes its success to longstanding Microsoft Exchange bugs, open source tools, and old malware.

UK not heeding warning over China threat, says ex-cybersecurity chief

Ciaran Martin says US warning that China is targeting key infrastructure should be taken more seriously.

Researchers Warn of Chinese-Aligned Hackers Targeting South China Sea Countries

Cybersecurity researchers have disclosed details of a previously undocumented threat group called Unfading Sea Haze that’s believed to have been active…

Chinese hacking threat puts focus on protecting critical infrastructure, Biden adviser says

National Cyber Director Harry Coker said he doubts the U.S. public realizes the full scope of the cybersecurity threat facing the United States.

Chinese Hackers Rely on Covert Proxy Networks to Evade Detection

Volt Typhoon and other Chinese cyber espionage actors are relying on operational relay box (ORB) networks, Mandiant has observed.

Chinese Cyber Espionage Groups Tied to ORB Network Attacks

Multiple Chinese cyber espionage groups, including Volt Typhoon, are using operational relay box networks, aka ORBs, built using leased proxy servers and.

As infrastructure keeps coming under attack from Chinese hackers, Casey pens new bill addressing blind spots for US …

22 May 2024- U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee members Bob Casey (D-PA) and Mark Kelly (D-AZ) introduced legislation to protect American port…

New APT Group “Unfading Sea Haze” Hits Military Targets in South China Sea

A recent investigation by Bitdefender Labs has uncovered the activities of a previously unknown cyber threat group, dubbed Unfading Sea Haze.

EPA warns of cyberattacks against water utilities, drinking water

Cyberattacks against water utilities across the country are becoming more frequent and more severe, the Environmental Protection Agency warned.


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