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Taiwan’s military condemns Chinese drills as ‘irrational provocation’!

On Thursday, May 23, the Ministry of National Defense (MND) condemned the People’s Liberation Army’s (PLA) exercises around Taiwan and its outer islands as an “irrational provocation.”

At 9 a.m., the MND reported that the PLA’s Eastern Theater Command announced the “Joint Sword-2024A” military exercise in the sea and airspace surrounding Taiwan. The MND criticized these drills as an “irrational provocation that undermines regional peace and stability.”

In response, the defense ministry stated that it is “dispatching naval, air, and ground forces.” These actions are intended to safeguard freedom, democracy, and Taiwan’s sovereignty.

The MND highlighted that China continues to send military aircraft and naval ships to harass Taiwan, causing significant harm to global peace and stability. The ministry asserted that Beijing’s exercises disrupt stability across the Taiwan Strait and reflect China’s “hegemonic nature.”

The MND emphasized that the armed forces are prepared, adhering to the principle of “preparing for war, not asking for war, responding to war, and not avoiding war.”

The MND said the nation’s armed forces have the “capability, determination, and confidence to ensure national security.” At the same time, the ministry urged Taiwan’s citizens to “serve as solid support and to unite and form a consensus during these tense times in the Taiwan Strait.” 

The ministry closed by saying that by working together, the military and civilians can build a vital defensive force to “jointly safeguard our beautiful homeland.”

In a subsequent press release at 10:50 a.m., the MND noted that the military and the Coast Guard are closely monitoring Chinese military activities around Taiwan.

The MND added that, alongside routine combat readiness exercises, ground forces are bolstering regional joint defense and military base security, with air defense and coastal missile units on high alert.


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