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Bad for China Good for the Bullied China Neighbors! US House Passes $825 Billion Defense Bill!

On Friday, the House passed a $1.2 trillion, six-bill budget package, allocating $825 billion to the Defense Department—approximately $29 billion more than the 2023 allocation.

The new spending emphasizes China, Europe, and affordable drones.

The legislation adds $92 million to the requested $9.1 billion for the Pacific Deterrence Initiative and includes $108 million for enhanced security cooperation with Taiwan, which is $26 million more than the Pentagon’s request. Additionally, it allocates $228 million to strengthen security in Eastern Europe through the Baltic Security Initiative and $300 million for Ukraine via the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative.

For the Navy, the bill includes $33.5 billion to purchase eight new battleships: two DDG-51 destroyers, two Virginia-class submarines, two frigates, one Columbia-class submarine, and one T-AO oiler. It also rejects the Navy’s proposal to retire four ships.

Appropriators increased the Pentagon’s aircraft procurement, funding 86 F-35 fighter jets, 15 KC-46 tankers, and 24 F-15EXs.


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