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US legislators pledge increased weaponry support for Taiwan!

Following large-scale joint exercises conducted by the People’s Liberation Army near Taiwan, a bipartisan delegation of six US lawmakers, headed by Michael McCaul, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, met with Taiwan’s new President in Taipei on Monday. This is the first time US officials have visited Taiwan since President Lai Ching-te assumed office on May 20th.
The Chinese army wrapped up a two-day military exercise near Taiwan on May 24th in direct response to Lai’s inauguration speech, which Beijing saw as a promotion of “Taiwan independence.”

“The forces of China conducted intimidating military exercises, sending 111 aircraft and 46 warships, demonstrating that they are not interested in taking Taiwan by peaceful means, as agreed to in the Taiwan Relations Act in 1979,” McCaul said in an opening speech during a meeting with Lai. 

“All democracies must stand together against aggression and tyranny,” he said. “Whether it’s Putin in Russia, the Ayatollah in Iran or Chairman Xi next door to us in China, an unholy alliance is eroding peace around the world.”

McCaul described the recent PLA drills as a glimpse into the potential scenario of a Taiwan Strait blockade. Stressing the importance of Taiwan’s defensive capabilities, he emphasized the need to ensure Taiwan possesses the necessary weaponry for deterrence. Additionally, he announced that Washington would enhance Taiwan’s defence by expediting the delivery of defensive armaments from the US.

We are moving forward on those weapons systems. Id like to see them faster, but they are forthcoming, he said.


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