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30th May 2024 Headlines about China’s Illegal Strikes Spying and Cyber Attacks including Chinese man arrested for allegedly running ‘largest ever’ malware network!

Headlines about China’s Illegal Strikes Spying and Cyber Attacks!

US balances China espionage fears with ‘panda diplomacy’

Soft diplomacy between the US and China veils a deeply held suspicion of Chinese espionage, especially in research and academia.

Hong Kong businessman defends home against spies — on British soil

Chickeeduck founder Herbert Chow is taking no chances amid allegations of China’s ‘long-arm’ harassment.

South Korea, U.S., Japan, China to hold relay of meetings in Washington

As tensions on the Korean Peninsula increased recently due to North Korea’s launch of spy satellites and deepening military cooperation between Pyongyang…

Ex-Chinese Spy Says China Has More Than 1,200 Spies in Australia

A former defected spy for the Chinese Communist Party has revealed to a defense conference that China has more than 1200 spies currently working in…

China scrambles to strengthen defences to protect critical ‘Achille’s heel’

Beijing would experience major naval communications issues and see its energy imports disrupted should the area be blockaded.

Foreign nations harming people in Australia: spy chief

The nation’s spy chief is warning Australians to be conscious of espionage and foreign interference happening at unprecedented levels.

Chinese man arrested for allegedly running ‘largest ever’ malware network

US officials say army of 19 million infected computers enabled fraud, identity theft and child exploitation.

DOJ charges Chinese national with operating ‘world’s largest botnet’ that stole $5.9 billion in Covid relief funds

The FBI previously shut down the China-backed “Volt Typhoon” hacking group, which had been targeting U.S. water plants, electric grids and more.


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