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4th June 2024 Headlines About China’s Illegal Acting including Philippines: Troops acted professionally in the South China Sea!

Headlines About China’s Aggression Illegal Acting The South China Sea!

Sleepwalking toward WWIII in the South China Sea

China’s announcement of its intention to enforce a law that would arrest foreign nationals venturing into waters it claims in the South China Sea (SCS)

The Possibility of a China-Philippines Conflict in the South China Sea

In the current conflict with the Philippines, Beijing’s strategy appears to be maximally leveraging gray zone tactics to exhaust the survival of the…

China urges ROK to exercise caution on Taiwan question, South China Sea issue

A spokesperson for the Chinese Embassy has urged the ROK to exercise caution on the Taiwan question and the South China Sea issue and take practical actions…

Australia sees the West Philippine Sea in the South China Sea

In the ‘differ where we must’ dimension of dealing with China, Australia is wielding a new nomenclature stick. (Schtick?) Deputy Prime Minister and Defence…

Philippine military denies pointing guns at China Coast Guard

MANILA — The Philippine military on Tuesday denied a Chinese allegation that personnel had pointed guns at the China Coast Guard on May 19 as China s.

Philippines: Troops acted professionally in South China Sea

MANILA – The Philippine military denied on Tuesday Chinese allegations that troops stationed on a grounded warship in the Second Thomas Shoal in the South…

Remarks from US, SK, Japanese military officials on South China Sea and Taiwan question malicious smear and …

China expressed strong dissatisfaction and firm opposition against the remarks made by military officials from the US, Japan and South Korea to criticize…

​Ministry calls for ‘balanced solution’ to South China Sea issue​

The Ministry of National Defence highlighted the need for a ‘balanced solution’ to the contentious South China Sea issue, while acknowledging its complexity…

Why we now face a higher risk of a South China Sea clash

Amid Chinese actions, the US has been drawn deeper into the contest in support of the Philippines. Read more at

Malaysia urged to get tougher with Beijing over South China Sea claims

Toshi Yoshihara, an American expert on China’s military, called for Malaysia to reject Beijing’s ‘excessive claims’ over the disputed waters.

India’s Perilous Border Standoff With China

Modi’s tough stance could invite—not deter—Chinese aggression.

Ford top boss eyes affordable EVs to beat back Chinese aggression

Ford CEO Jim Farley admits Chinese EV companies are playing a very strong game and that the need for affordable EVs while still being profitable.

Philippines Stands Up to Aggression, Joins Push for Regional Security at Shangri-La Dialogue

Defense Minister Minoru Kihara was supportive of the Philippines and South Korea while also warning of many security concerns between Japan and China.

Taiwan celebrities in crossfire of political battle as tensions with China rise

As Taiwan’s biggest rock band took to the stage in Beijing late last month, their home island was reckoning with the latest act of Chinese aggression.

Presidential Preview: Foreign policy – The Chronicle

In The Chronicle’s first Presidential Preview, we look at foreign policy: Trump and Biden show sharply divergent plans and records, while N.C. voters…

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China sends dozens of warplanes and ships near Taiwan to show its anger over island’s new leaders

China has sent dozens of warplanes and navy vessels off Taiwan’s coast on the second day of a large exercise launched to show its anger over the island’s…

Global Watch | How Taiwan’s Poll Result is Fueling Chinese Aggression

Taiwan, officially known as the Republic of China, recently had its presidential election, where the Democratic People’s Party (DPP) won for the third…

The goal is to deter China, not cause friction

First word. PROBABLY because he was appointed only last December, after his predecessor, Li Shangfu, was abruptly removed from office, Chinese Defense…

Beijing’s aggression continues as Taiwan tracks 12 Chinese ships around nation again

China, since September 2020 has intensified the use of grey zone tactics by incrementally increasing the number of military aircraft and naval ships…

China: Marcos remarks disregard history

CHINA yesterday said President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s speech at the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore “disregarded history and facts,” especially on h…


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