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6th June 2024 Headlines about China’s Illegal Strikes Spying and Cyber Attacks including China cyber threat is gigantic, the U.S. FBI Director warns!

Headlines about China’s Illegal Strikes Spying and Cyber Attacks!

Five Eyes nations say China is poaching Western ex-military

China’s navy and air force have been “aggressively recruiting Western military talent” to train their aviators in complex aerial maneuvers taught by U.S….

‘Spies everywhere’: Vic pollies call in top security agency

Victorian MPs have been approached by Australian security agents and quietly warned they need to be on the look out for spies prompting the Victorian…

Ray Dalio Warns Of US-China Economic Sanctions, Stresses Diversification – Vanguard S&P 500 ETF (ARCA:VOO

Dalio warns of escalating US-China tensions and importance of diversification amid global risks. Economic and political upheaval possible.

Australian security warned Victorian MPs to be alert for spies

Victorian MPs have been warned to be alert for spies by Australian security agents. Chinese representatives have reportedly approached some parliamentarians…

Chinese State-Backed Cyber Espionage Targets Southeast Asian Government

An unnamed high-profile government organization in Southeast Asia emerged as the target of a “complex, long-running” Chinese state-sponsored cyber espionage…

The China cyber threat is gigantic, the U.S. FBI Director warns

The China cyber threat is massive. The FBI Director says in Cyber efforts alone, they outnumber the FBI 50 to 1.

Study shows AI-driven cyberattacks can inflict damage on GDP and supply chains for the world’s largest economies

Cyberattacks driven by artificial intelligence (AI) pose unprecedented risks to global economies, supply chains, and trade. A new study in the journal Risk…

Paris Hilton among users targeted in TikTok hack

TikTok says it is addressing a cyber-attack that targeted brands and celebrities, including Paris Hilton and CNN. However, the video-sharing app told the…

Tiktok: Chinese-owned app hit with cyber attack as CNN, Paris Hilton and Sony targeted

Tiktok said it has been “collaborating closely with CNN to restore account access and implement enhanced security measures”.

More cyberespionage in the South China Sea region.

Fog ransomware targets the US education sector. British Columbia continues investigating cyberattack.

Chinese nationals ran cybercrime syndicate from Zambia

Twenty-two Chinese nationals have pleaded guilty to committing cyber-related crimes in Zambia. They are among 77 suspects who were arrested in April in…

Phishing Alert: Chinese Cybercriminals Target Indian Investors with Fake Brokerage Apps

Zerodha CEO warns of new phishing scams mimicking brokerages. Learn how to protect your investments from these sophisticated cyber threats.


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