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7th June 2024 Headlines About China’s Illegal Acting Including 76% of Filipinos View China as Country’s ‘Greatest Threat’: Survey!

Headlines About China’s Aggression Illegal Acting The South China Sea!

76% of Filipinos View China as Country’s ‘Greatest Threat’: Survey

Public attitudes toward China in the Philippines have dipped considerably as tensions have increased in the South China Sea.

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Swedish defense chief says actions against Philippines in South China Sea threaten global security

Sweden’s defense chief has expressed alarm over Beijing’s repeated dangerous maneuvers against Philippine vessels in the disputed South China Sea,…

Philippines accuses Chinese coast guard of ‘barbaric’ blocking of medical evacuation

The Philippine coast guard on Friday accused its Chinese counterpart of blocking efforts to evacuate a sick member of its armed forces in the South China…

Philippines bats for Asean coast guard protocol amid South China Sea woes

MANILA – The Philippines is anticipating the creation of a new regional coast guard protocol as tensions in the South China Sea continue to escalate.

Preventing the People’s Republic of China from Triumphing in the Grey Zone: the United States’ New Emergency in the …

‘There are two ways to fight American armies – asymmetric and stupid'[1]is how US General H. R. McMaster describes the choice available to any actor seeking…

China’s South Sea Aggression Against the Philippines Provokes Pushback

China has sharply ratcheted up its harassment of other nations in the South China Sea in recent days, with particular belligerence reserved for the…

All Eyes On The South China Sea

China represents a threat to U.S. interests in the Indo-Pacific, as Beijing’s hegemonic and expansionist ambitions in the South China Sea grow.

Biden: US military action if China changes Taiwan’s status

US President Joe Biden has unequivocally reaffirmed the United States’ unwavering commitment to ensuring Taiwan’s security.


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