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8th June 2024 Headlines About China’s Illegal Acting including Chinese armed vessels patrol waters around disputed islands, angering Japan!

Headlines About China’s Aggression Illegal Acting The South China Sea!

Swedish defense chief says actions against Philippines in South China Sea threaten global security

Sweden’s defense chief has expressed alarm over Beijing’s repeated dangerous maneuvers against Philippine vessels in the disputed South China Sea,…

Vietnam speeding up South China Sea island-building pace, US researchers say

Vietnam has been increasing its dredging and landfill work in the South China Sea, creating almost as much new land as in the previous two years combined,…

Why Malaysia Should Joint The Philippines With Tougher Stance in South China Sea

By Olawale Abaire, Warrior Editorial Fellow. The South China Sea (SCS) has emerged as a critical flashpoint in the Indo-Pacific region, with Malaysia facing…

Malaysia’s military drills with West spotlight its South China Sea concerns

Australia insists this year’s Five Power Defence Arrangements drills are ‘not about China’. But analysts aren’t so sure.

Japan must tread carefully amid S. China Sea tensions: experts – The Mainichi

SINGAPORE (Kyodo) — As Japan seeks to boost defense cooperation with the Philippines amid a Manila-Beijing territorial row that has escalated tension.

Malaysian PM urges diplomatic engagement, rejects external interference on South China Sea

KUALA LUMPUR — Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim has called for “aggressive” diplomatic engagement to resolve disputes in the South China Sea,…

After Philippines, China’s Aggressive Maritime Maneuvers Put Vietnam At Loggerheads With Beijing

The rising confrontations between the Chinese Coast Guard and their Philippine counterparts have been making headlines, but another country in the South…

House bill funds new tranche of Philippines, Taiwan military aid

The House’s FY25 State Department funding bill shows that the U.S. has a continued interest in keeping China at bay in the Indo-Pacific.

Chinese armed vessels patrol waters around disputed islands, angering Japan

Japan lodged a protest against Beijing on Friday after four armed Chinese coast guard vessels entered waters that Tokyo considers its territory.

Taiwan Says US Arms Sale Shows ‘Commitment to Defense’ Against China

Taiwan thanked the US for approving the sale of equipment and parts for F-16 fighter jets, saying it would help the island defend itself against China.

Taiwan, the US and the looming shadow of China

Analysis: Through regular military training and joint exercises, enhancing the readiness and interoperability of Taiwanese forces, Washington ensures that…

Poll: 91 percent of Pinoys distrust China

A large majority of Filipinos continue to distrust China as its aggression escalates in the West Philippine Sea, according to a survey conducted by the OCTA…

Commentary: Florida Republicans should challenge China on climate policy

State Sen. Ana Maria Rodriguez writes that Florida Republicans call on Congress to act on low Chinese environmental standards.

US & Philippines Expand Joint Combat Patrols into South China Sea

By Olawale Abaire, Warrior Editorial Fellow. The United States and the Philippines are bolstering their military alliance in response to China’s escalating…


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