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India and Taiwan conduct joint military exercises with a focus on the borders of India and China as well as the Taiwan Strait!

Recently, Taiwan and India’s think tanks concluded military exercises focused on scenarios concerning the Taiwan Strait and the Sino-Indian border in 2035. This cooperative endeavor marks a significant step forward in bilateral relations, showcasing an increasing alignment in strategic matters.

As per Taiwan’s Central News Agency (CNA), a delegation from Taiwan’s Institute for National Defense and Security Research (INDSR) visited the United Service Institution of India (USI) last month to conduct tabletop exercises, which were led by India. This contrasts with previous exercises, typically led by the United States.

The exercises, hosted by India for the first time, attracted scholars from various backgrounds, including the United States and Taiwan’s National Defense Academy. Retired Indian lieutenant generals, ambassadors, and representatives from different sectors also participated.

Shen Ming-Shih, head of the INDSR delegation, highlighted the valuable insights gained from the participation of seven retired generals and seven former diplomats from India, offering perspectives from regions like ASEAN, Central Asia, West Asia, and Russia. Shen expressed optimism about leveraging this collaboration for future joint military exercises.

Discussions revolved around potential developments in the Indo-Pacific security landscape by 2035, with a focus on the Taiwan Strait and the Sino-Indian border. The simulations explored potential actions and reactions of involved parties, including the United States, West Asia, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, and Europe.

B K Sharma, Director at United Service Institution of India, facilitated an in-depth exchange among Indian participants regarding India’s prospective role and the responses of various nations in case of a conflict in the Taiwan Strait. Participants discussed positions, policies, and interests from diverse perspectives, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of potential scenarios.

While the outcome of the military simulations remains undisclosed by Shen, the exercise highlights a growing collaboration between India and Taiwan in strategic domains.


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