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Australia´s former Home Affairs Secretary: China’s cyber activities ‘close to an act of war” and Australian critical infrastructure in danger!

Former Home Affairs Secretary Michael Pezzullo has cautioned that China’s attempts to undermine Australia’s cyber security are akin to “dynamite already being placed on bridges” ahead of a potential war.

Pezzullo has also warned that China’s aggressive cyber activities are “close to an act of war,” amid rising fears of a potential conflict with Beijing.

U.S. intelligence services have increasingly voiced concerns about Chinese efforts to compromise key digital systems in America and its allies, warning that Beijing may have taken steps to preemptively strike critical infrastructure in anticipation of a potential invasion of Taiwan.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has set 2027 as the target date for reclaiming the island, calling it an “inevitability.” This could ignite a major conflict involving the U.S. and its allies, including Australia.

Speaking to Sky News Australia on Sunday, Pezzullo estimated there is about a “ten percent chance” of such an outcome, referencing CIA Director William Burns’ public remarks on the risk posed by escalating Chinese aggression in the region.

“That’s a large enough number to be apprehensive, it’s a large enough number to be worried about, but it doesn’t mean war is inevitable,” he said.

Despite this, the former Home Affairs Secretary emphasized that Australia must become involved if a conflict arises, arguing that the nation has a “deep interest” in ensuring Taiwan remains self-governing.

However, Mr. Pezzullo suggested that committing to Taiwan’s defense would pose risks for Australia. Our close ties to the U.S. increase the likelihood of Beijing attempting to compromise Australia’s security ahead of any potential invasion.

This includes a heightened threat of a major cyberattack on Australian assets, which would not only create significant challenges for the country’s armed forces but could also cause substantial disruptions for households and businesses.

“It is deeply concerning… Critical infrastructure networks that would be attacked on the eve of, or on the morning of a war to disable support to military facilities,” he explained

“Things like power systems, water systems, gas systems, which would then hurt the civilian population.

“Frankly, if that is happening, and (NSA) Director Haugh says that is happening, that is the equivalent of the dynamite already being placed on bridges to blow them up in the event of war.

“That is getting close to an act of war.”


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