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Taiwan President Lai tells Time magazine and China that Taiwan is a sovereign nation!

In an interview featured in the June 24 issue of Time Magazine, President Lai Ching-te asserted that Taiwan is already an independent country despite China’s ongoing efforts to annex it. On May 30, Lai participated in his inaugural media interview as President, speaking with Time magazine. The Presidential Office released the complete interview on Thursday, June 13.

Read the full interview on President Lai interviewed by Time magazine

The discussion primarily delved into leadership philosophies, inquiring about the president’s stance on various topics including international collaboration, cross-strait relations, economic progress, global supply networks, and societal concerns.

Responding to the severing of diplomatic ties by Nauru in favor of China 48 hours after his election win, Lai said that while he wishes the former ally well and said such actions by China will not impact “Taiwan’s status as a beacon of freedom and bastion of democracy in the world.” He said Taiwan is “not deeply worried” about losing diplomatic allies.

When questioned about criticism regarding his inaugural speech, where he asserted that China and Taiwan are not subordinate to each other, President Lai responded that he was not the originator of this perspective. He highlighted President Tsai Ing-wen’s 2021 National Day Address, where she emphasized that “the ROC and PRC should not be subordinate to each other.” Lai also noted former President Ma Ying-jeou’s statement affirming that “the ROC is a sovereign and independent state, and that neither side of the strait is subordinate to the other,” aligning with Articles 2 and 3 of Taiwan’s constitution.

Arguing from the standpoint of international law, Lai emphasized that Taiwan, with its own populace, territory, sovereignty, and government over several decades, qualifies as a sovereign and independent nation.

When questioned about the benefits of visits by Taiwan Kuomintang leaders to China, Lai asserted that all political parties should recognize that “China’s ambition to annex Taiwan is part of their national policy.”

Regarding Taiwan’s economic and trade relations with China and the world, Lai said Taiwan holds an advantage in the semiconductor industry and “has a responsibility to promote global prosperity and development.”


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