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Decoupling from China Foxconn’s new factory in Hyderabad will create 100,000 jobs beginning with the production of AirPods!

Foxconn, the manufacturer for Apple, is building a facility near Hyderabad, Telangana.

The plant is expected to eventually employ over 100,000 people, starting with 25,000 positions.

Production of Apple’s AirPods will commence at the plant from August 2024.

This marks Foxconn’s first venture into producing audio devices for Apple in India.

According to Vishnu Reddy, Telangana’s special secretary for investment promotion and NRI affairs, who spoke with DIGITIMES Asia, two factory lines for Foxconn have already been established in Hyderabad.

The entire factory was completed in just one and a half years, surpassing Foxconn’s initial projection of two and a half years.

In March 2023, Young Liu, Foxconn’s Chairman, visited Hyderabad and signed a memorandum of understanding with the state government to establish the factory.

As per The Hindu Businessline, Foxconn previously announced plans to invest $500 million in Hyderabad.

Initially, the plant is expected to provide employment to 25,000 people.

When asked about whether wearables, including Apple’s AirPods, were included in the production plans, the secretary declined to comment, citing Foxconn’s role as a contract manufacturer for multiple brands, with such decisions being internal to the company.


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