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Xi Jinping claimed the United States desires China to initiate an attack on Taiwan!

Chinese President Xi Jinping reportedly informed European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen that Washington was attempting to provoke Beijing into attacking Taiwan, as per sources familiar with the matter.

Xi allegedly reiterated this warning to domestic officials within China.

The disclosure emerged from a meeting in April 2023 between Xi and von der Leyen, described by multiple individuals to the Financial Times. During this meeting, Xi purportedly accused the US of attempting to lure China into invading Taiwan, asserting that he would not fall into such a trap.

These remarks provide insight into Xi’s perspective on Taiwan, a highly contentious issue in US-China relations.

Jude Blanchette, a China expert at the CSIS think tank, commented that if Xi genuinely believes the US seeks conflict, it could indicate issues within China’s decision-making process or misinformation provided to Xi.

Under the Taiwan Relations Act, the US has obligations to assist Taiwan with its defense, although the Biden administration emphasizes it does not support Taiwanese independence or unilateral changes to the status quo.

Concerns in China about US intentions have escalated, paralleling US apprehensions about assertive Chinese military activities around Taiwan.

A Chinese academic suggested that Washington is actively encouraging independence movements in Taiwan, knowing that a declaration of independence could prompt Chinese military intervention.

Blanchette speculated that Xi’s remarks might be influenced by advisors advocating against more aggressive policies.

Bonnie Glaser, a German Marshall Fund China expert, said the comment may have been part of China’s attempt to pull Europe away from the US on the Taiwan issue, but it was also possible that Xi believed it.

In any case Xi´s claims are “bullshit.”


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