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The Ministry of the Interior (MOI) warns against Chinese influence in political parties! This is an original article from CNA FOCUS TAIWAN!

Taipei, June 17 (CNA) The Ministry of the Interior (MOI) on Monday warned people in Taiwan not to form political parties under the influences of foreign forces, amid allegations that a Chinese entity tried to recruit Taiwanese celebrities to set up one.

Taiwanese have the right to form political parties but cannot accept instructions or funding from foreign forces to develop parties, as this would violate the National Security Act and the Anti-Infiltration Act, the MOI said in a statement.

The statement came in response to Facebook posts made by Taiwanese singer R-chord (謝和弦) on June 14 and actress Alexis Ho (何以奇) on June 15.

The posts claimed that a Chinese company, Beijing Ciguang Film and Television Media Co., Ltd., tried to recruit them via email to participate in pro-China activities.

Screenshots of the email messages posted by the artists indicated that after they issued a statement titled “Establish a new type of cross-strait relations” on their Facebook pages, they would be identified as vice chairmen of a “Taiwan Pro-Peace Party.”

They were also offered work opportunities said to net them an annual income of over NT$10 million (US$308,950).

The company predicted that “no fewer than 1,000 people will be influenced to become founding members of the Taiwan Pro-Peace Party” once the statement is published, the message on the screenshots said.

According to information from the Chinese business inquiry platform “AiQicha,” the company was established in February 2023 with registered capital of 90 million Chinese yuan (US$12.4 million).

Its business was listed as primarily providing services such as film and television production and the organization of cultural and artistic exchange activities.

As of Monday, no party named the “Taiwan Pro-Peace Party” was listed on the political party information website operated by the MOI, which is the government agency responsible for overseeing Taiwan’s Political Parties Act.

The MOI said there have been other cases of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) backing of political parties.

It said leaders or officials of the Republican Party and the Taiwan People’s Communist Party in Taiwan were suspected of receiving instructions and funding from the CCP to promote or endorse specific candidates for election.

Under Article 2 of the National Security Act, no person may engage in acts such as initiating, funding, hosting, manipulating, directing or developing an organization for a foreign country, China, Hong Kong, Macau, or foreign hostile forces, or for organizations established or substantially controlled by them.

Article 3 of the Anti-Infiltration Act states that no person shall contribute political donations or donate funds for activities related to a referendum if the person is instructed, commissioned or funded by the sources of infiltration.


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