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US tech sector alarmed by Chinese espionage

According to a report in the Financial Times, US tech companies are intensifying their security screenings of employees and prospective hires due to concerns about Chinese espionage. This development marks the latest development in the ongoing tensions between the two nations.

Major firms like Google and prominent startups such as OpenAI are taking these measures amid fears that foreign governments may exploit compromised individuals to gain access to sensitive intellectual property and corporate data.

Washington has been engaged in a rivalry with Beijing over advanced technologies, particularly in artificial intelligence and advanced semiconductor chips. The US has implemented export restrictions to hinder China’s access to the latest technological advancements.

While industrial espionage is not new, instances involving Chinese operatives appear to have increased in recent years. Alleged incidents include thefts of intellectual property from companies like Google, as well as accusations of IP theft from Tesla, Micron, and Motorola, according to US authorities.

Former US National Security Advisor HR McMaster notes that the business sector has now become the primary battleground for espionage.

“The majority of research and development with national security implications, which used to be conducted through government programs, now takes place in the private sector. This makes these companies highly attractive targets from a Chinese perspective,” McMaster stated.


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