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Swedish defense chief: China´s actions against the Philippines in the South China Sea jeopardize global security!

The Swedish defense chief voiced concern over Beijing’s repeated aggressive actions against Philippine vessels in the South China Sea, emphasizing that such maneuvers pose a threat to global security, destabilize the region, and highlight the importance of investing in defense for safeguarding freedom.

Defense Minister Pål Jonson expressed these sentiments during a diplomatic event in Manila celebrating Sweden’s national day, following discussions with his Philippine counterpart, Gilberto Teodoro Jr., aimed at enhancing defense cooperation. Sweden is being considered as a potential supplier of supersonic fighter jets as the Philippines shifts its military focus from combating insurgencies to bolstering territorial defense.

Jonson did not explicitly name China but referred to the waters as the West Philippine Sea, acknowledging the Philippines’ exclusive economic zone that overlaps with Beijing’s extensive claims in the South China Sea. His remarks received applause from attendees that included top Philippine military officials, diplomats from Western and Asian countries, and security experts.

Tensions have escalated over disputed shoals, with confrontations between Chinese and Philippine vessels resulting in collisions and damage to Philippine ships, injuries to navy personnel, and strained diplomatic relations. Manila has pursued diplomatic protests and international awareness campaigns to rally support against Chinese actions targeting Philippine coast guard and navy vessels.

Jonson stressed that such incidents endanger lives, undermine regional stability, violate international law, and pose threats not only to Philippine security but also to global security as a whole.


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