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The global community should counter China and advocate for Taiwan’s inclusion as an observer in Interpol

In the contemporary era marked by advancements in information and communications technology, the age-old crime of fraud is evolving, presenting an unprecedented threat to global security. Online scam centers, particularly affecting hundreds of thousands of individuals, predominantly from Asia, exploit victims, subjecting them to slave-like conditions. These centers employ well-rehearsed scripts, deceiving innocent individuals into parting with their hard-earned money.

As emphasized by Interpol Secretary-General Jürgen Stock, the imperative for robust international police cooperation has never been more critical, given the emergence of new forms of transnational crime, including human trafficking and fraud. Criminal organizations now operate with highly organized corporate-style models, characterized by sophisticated divisions of labor, information exchange, peer learning, collusion, and complicity. Addressing transnational crime necessitates a unified front of law enforcement officers from across the globe.

Excluding Taiwan from these collaborative efforts only serves to facilitate the activities of criminals. Instead, aligning with Interpol’s founding purpose of fostering mutual assistance among all criminal police authorities, Taiwan’s police authorities proactively engage with counterparts worldwide to combat crime. Their initiative aims to bridge gaps in the global security network and contribute to building a safer world.

Given Taiwan’s commendable track record in public security, it is imperative to include the nation in endeavors to combat transnational crime.


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