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Hackers likely backed by the Chinese government and army have targeted the Thai Prime Minister Office and other Southest Asia governments

US-based private cybersecurity agency Insikt Group released a report identifying Chinese hackers threat. According to the report, the Chinese cyber espionage group was likely funded by the government to gain unauthorized access to private Southeast Asian governments and organizations.
In fact, the Chinese hackers reportedly targeted several organizations, including the Thai Prime Minister Office as well as the Thai Army, the Indonesian and Filipino Navy, the Vietnamese National Assembly and Communist Party offices, and the Malaysian Ministry of Defense.
Additionally, many other nations faced this threat of cyber espionage. Among which is Myanmar, the Philippines, Laos, Thailand, Singapore, and Cambodia.
In the official statement, Insikt Group reportedly said: “We also found evidence that TAG-16 shares custom capabilities with (China’s) People’s Liberation Army affiliated activity group RedFoxtrot,”

Image Unsplash Markus Spiske

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