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China Is Committing “Cultural Genocide” In Mongolia

According to a media article published on Friday, January 07, 2022, China is committing “cultural genocide” not just in Xinjiang and Tibet, but also in Mongolia.
China’s approach of utilizing economic weapons to pressurize other parties to meet its terms, according to The HK Post, is well known. Mongolia is a recent example.
According to the report, Chinese officials have recently limited transportation across the Mongolia-China border, claiming an increase in COVID-19 cases in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region (IMAR).
As a result, Mongolia is experiencing supply chain disruptions, shortages of goods, and excessive prices, all of which have a significant impact on the country’s exports and income.
Mongolians believe COVID-19 is nothing more than a pretext for China to implement stringent border closures.
They think China’s move to close its border is motivated by a desire to dominate Mongolia’s Buddhist affairs.
The true reason is that China is upset that the subject of the 10th Jetsundamba (JD) being declared in Mongolia is gathering steam.
Last year, on December 10, Mongolian activists in the IMAR held a Human Rights Day protest march in Ulaanbaatar, Tokyo, New York, and other cities, with slogans such as “Free Southern Mongolia,” “China – Stop Human Rights Violations,” “Boycott Beijing Olympics,” and others.
Activists from the IMAR, Tibet, Xinjiang, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other groups gathered in Tokyo to condemn China’s human rights violations and members of the Inner Mongolian Human Rights Information Centre staged protests against the Chinese government in New York, according to The HK Post.
Meanwhile, the Southern Mongolia World Congress (SMWC), established in Japan, has prepared a document titled “Record of Genocide in Inner Mongolia During China’s Cultural Revolution.”

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And like always our hint, that many of the Chinese people are great and peace-loving but Chinese President Xi Jinping is not. 


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