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Beijing Has Issued An Arrest Warrant For Chinese Activists Who Discussed ‘Human Rights’ At A Gathering

China has charged a group of attorneys and activists who gathered to discuss the country’s battered human rights movement.
Two important participants are now facing the potential of spending years in prison.
According to indictments, the two most well-known attendees, Xu Zhiyong and Ding Jiaxi are awaiting trial on subversion charges relating to the event.
Such gatherings, which were formerly popular among Chinese human rights activists, have become increasingly dangerous under Xi Jinping’s hardline administration.
The New York Times stated that some persons who attended the weekend session in Xiamen, eastern China, were quickly detained and held for weeks or months before being released.
After the second detention, one of the attendees, lawyer Chang Weiping, was jailed on an allegation of subversion.

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And like always our hint, that many of the Chinese people are great and peace-loving but Chinese President Xi Jinping is not. 


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