Hong Kong Legal Crackdown: A Former Pro-Democracy Lawmaker Was Sentenced To Jail For Three Weeks That Judgment Was Endorsed By Lord Robert Reed The President Of The U.K. Supreme Court


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The Diplomat

A Hong Kong pro-democracy lawmaker is in jail because of a court ruling endorsed by a U.K. judge.
By Eric Lai
February 11, 2022
Last week, Fernando Cheung, a former pro-democracy lawmaker who earned high respect for defending minorities and marginalized groups in the city, was sentenced to jail for three weeks, as he was convicted of contempt of the Legislative Council in Hong Kong back in 2020.
Sadly, that judgment was endorsed by Lord Robert Reed, the president of the U.K. Supreme Court. No doubt, even if Reed disagreed with the judgment, he would be a minority in a five-judge bench. But he could still release a dissenting opinion to give his viewpoints to the public, to explain the applications of fundamental values say free expression, checks and balances against executive arbitrariness, and the rule of law in such context. Yet Reed chose to simply say “I agree with the judgment,” giving unreserved support for the ruling.

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