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Olympic Gold Medalist Eileen Gu Has Spoken In A Post Highly Of Internet Freedom In China Now China Has Blocked Parts Of Her Eulogy

Amid the internet furor over her citizenship and her identity, a comment she made intended to defend China’s internet freedom backfired.
Ironically, after being posted 3,000 times on Weibo, the screenshot of Gu supporting China’s internet freedom was blocked on Tuesday.
The Weibo post is still there, but the screenshot of her VPN comment has vanished, creating mocking and outrage.
“What is there to brag about a country where [that screenshot] can’t see the light of day?” a Weibo user asked.
“Why can you use Instagram and millions of Chinese people from mainland cannot,” one Chinese Instagram user wrote.
While state media and the general public raved about her championship and loyalty to China, her denial of the lived realities of 1.4 billion Chinese people sparked heated discussions.
Gu is frequently chastised in the United States for refusing to debate politics or speak out against China’s human rights violations. 

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And like always our hint, that many of the Chinese people are great and peace-loving but Chinese President Xi Jinping is not. 


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