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Neutralizing China’s Influence in the South China Sea

The article describes the growing tensions in the Indo-Pacific region due to China’s assertive behavior in maritime territories, particularly in the South China Sea. China’s expansionist policies and disregard for international law, as evident in its unilateral declaration of the “ten-dash line,” have raised concerns among neighboring countries and prompted calls for collective action.

The following are paraphrased excerpts from the article” Countering China’s Red Dragon over the South China Sea” in Breaking Defense.

Efforts such as the proposed Code of Conduct between China and ASEAN demonstrate attempts to address these issues diplomatically, but China’s subsequent actions undermine these initiatives and exacerbate regional tensions.

The Philippines’ response to China’s aggression serves as a model for other countries in the region, demonstrating the importance of building partnerships with like-minded nations, particularly the United States. The US-Indonesia CARAT maritime exercise and similar initiatives provide opportunities to strengthen regional cooperation and enhance maritime security.

Increased joint patrols and military exercises, as well as greater involvement from countries like the Philippines, can help deter China’s provocative actions and uphold international law in the region. By working together, countries can effectively counter China’s assertiveness and promote stability and security in the Indo-Pacific.

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