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5th May 2024 Sunday Headlines about China’s Bullying Aggression and more!

These are the most interesting headlines of today, yesterday, and before!

Chinese grand strategy in South China Sea

South China Sea connects the maritime world of Persian Gulf, Middle East, commercial water body of Indian Ocean and the subcontinent with North East Asia.

China publicizes for the first time what it claims is a 2016 agreement with Philippines

For the first time, China has publicized what it claims is an unwritten 2016 agreement with the Philippines over access to South China Sea islands.

Philippines strengthens maritime security amidst rising tensions with China

On March 31, an order fortifying maritime security in the Philippines following a mounting number of confrontations with China in the disputed area of the…

China Coast Guard Again Fires Water Cannons at Philippine Vessels

Chinese coast guard ships fired water cannons at two Philippine patrol vessels on April 30 near a disputed shoal in the South China Sea, causing minor…

US fears China’s floating nuclear plants may power military bases

US officials are expressing concerns about the potential use of floating reactors to power military bases on artificial islands in the South China Sea.

China Has 350 Warships. The US Has 290. That’s a problem.

by Admiral James Stavridis (Bloomberg Opinion) There are plenty of disagreements between Beijing and Washington — from Taiwan to human rights to aiding…

Fire Engulfs Historical University Site in China’s Henan Province

A fire engulfed a near-century-old cultural relic building in Central China’s Henan this week, prompting provincial-level authorities to form a joint-agency…

New Zealand foreign minister calls China relationship complex

New Zealand’s foreign minister on Friday described the country’s relationship with China as “complex,” and called out the hardening rhetoric across the…

Hong Kong passes immigration bill, raising alarm over ‘exit bans’

HONG KONG (Reuters) -Hong Kong’s legislature passed on Wednesday a controversial immigration bill, which lawyers, diplomats and right groups fear will give…

Canada advocates a foreign influence transparency registry – The Sunday Guardian Live

OTTAWA: Did a Tuesday morning Press Conference by concerned diaspora groups in Canada make a difference? In a defining moment for Canadian democracy, the.

China is now engaged in open hybrid warfare against the West

Beijing has already made its first strike in the new cold war. We must be ready to respond.

Opinion | Scandals expose the vulnerability of Hong Kong’s cyber defences

Providing personal details is part of modern life, but we expect them to be secure. Instead, government departments are leaking like a sieve.

DICT: China-linked group attempted to hack DENR database

A group that was linked to China had allegedly attempted to hack the system of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources in March, according to…

AUKUS, cyber-security discussed as New Zealand, Germany strengthen ties

Germany is touting the benefits of AUKUS as NZ mulls joining at a technology and security level.

Phishing Alert: Chinese Cybercriminals Target Indian Investors with Fake Brokerage Apps

Zerodha CEO warns of new phishing scams mimicking brokerages. Learn how to protect your investments from these sophisticated cyber threats.

China Launches Massive Cyber Attack On Critical US Infrastructure

Reports from the Washington Post and Fox News have revealed a year-long large-scale infiltration of American infrastructure and critical services by Chinese…

Sen. Mike Braun’s economic ties to China didn’t matter in 2018. Why is it contentious now?

INDIANAPOLIS — Having a business record with ties to China made little difference for a Republican six years ago running in a GOP primary in a deep-red…

The US Military’s China Missile Problem Is Getting Worse

American warships and bases in the Pacific are within reach of an increasingly worrying threat, a daunting missile force unlike any the US has faced in…

Taiwan issued horror warning over mounting China-Russia dual threat

US intelligence officials have warned that allies Russia and China pose a significant threat to Taiwan as they ramp up their military cooperation.


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