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13th May 2024 Headlines about China’s Illegal Strikes against USA UK Australia Spying and Cyber Attacks!

Headlines about China’s Illegal Strikes against USA, UK, Australia Spying and Cyber Attacks!

Former spy alleges global Chinese spy network hunts and abducts dissidents

An investigation by Australia’s public broadcaster accuses China’s secret police service of tracking down dissidents living overseas. A former Chinese spy…

China is still harassing dissidents who fled in the 1990s

Yan Xiong escaped from China in 1992, but he and other dissidents are still being targeted by Beijing.

Eric, China’s Edward Snowden, exposes dirty and dangerous works of Chinese global espionage under Xi Jinping

In the world of global espionage, China looms large as a potent force. The recent revelations from an undercover agent for the first time ever,…

China uses these three global apps, games to ‘spy’ on users, claims study

The study warns that TikTok isn’t the only concern when it comes to collecting data and sharing it with Chinese authorities as the problem lies beyond the…

US Officials Of The Chinese Government’s Confrontation Of Cyber Spy Campaigns Expand

US officials confronted the Chinese government in Beijing last month about a widespread cyber spy campaign in which the hacker from the bamboo curtain…

Chinese suspected to be spy arrested, quizzing on

You Fenghao, a Chinese national, arrested for suspected espionage near Indo-Nepal border. Analysis showed Chinese army links, Indian army photos, and.

Chinese cyber spying targets broad array of U.S. interests: Clapper

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Chinese cyber espionage continues to target a “broad spectrum of U.S. interests,” including national security information,…

Cyber attacks against key US infrastructure continue, but this time its China

Following a suspected recent Iranian cyberattack against a US water treatment facility, government officials are now alleging that the Chinese military has…

China suspected of massive cyberattack on database of UK armed forces personnel

The names and bank details of MoD employees were revealed in the Chinese cyberattack, according to reports.

Two Britons to face trial next year accused of spying for China

Two Britons, including a former researcher for a prominent British lawmaker in the governing Conservative Party, were told on Friday they would go on trial…


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