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A Chinese intelligence agent asserts that there is an international Chinese espionage apparatus that tracks down and abducts dissidents abroad!

A recent investigation by Australia’s public broadcaster alleges that China’s covert police force is actively pursuing dissidents residing abroad.

According to a former Chinese operative now residing in Australia, who spoke anonymously as “Eric” to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Four Corners program, a branch of the Chinese secret police was operating in Sydney as recently as last year. “Eric” described a clandestine realm of deceit and kidnapping, detailing how he was instructed by Beijing’s secret police to target dissidents overseas, spanning locations such as India, Thailand, Canada, and Australia. His modus operandi involved gaining their trust and then enticing them to countries where they could be abducted and repatriated to China.

The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) has not officially verified the specifics of the alleged Chinese espionage network.

“Eric” revealed that he had worked undercover for a specialized unit within China’s Ministry of Public Security, known as the Political Security Protection Bureau or the 1st Bureau, from 2008 until early 2023. This bureau focuses on neutralizing perceived threats to the Chinese government and is accused of operating in Sydney as recently as last year.

Expressing a desire to shed light on the truth, “Eric” stated, “I believe the public has a right to know the secret world. I worked for the Chinese Political Security Department for 15 years. Today, it is still the darkest department of the Chinese government.”

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) noted that “Eric” is the first individual from China’s secret police to come forward publicly, utilizing a pseudonym to safeguard his identity.

Peter Mattis, a China analyst at the Jamestown Foundation, commented to the ABC’s Four Corners program that Beijing aims to suppress dissent within the Chinese diaspora, with the Political Protection Bureau playing a role in silencing dissidents and monitoring their networks.

The ABC reported that it has reviewed numerous confidential documents and communications corroborating “Eric’s” claims.


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